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Windows problems

Missing examples

I installed EiffelBench and the examples are missing!

I need a permanent code

I purchased and installed ISE Eiffel for Windows, yet when EiffelBench starts it tells me that my license will expire in a few days!

Precompiled library missing (VD42)

When I try to compile my project, EiffelBench reports warning VD42: precompiled directory/file is unreadable.

Precompiled library incomplete (VD43)

When I try to compile my project, EiffelBench reports warning VD43: precompiled file missing or unreadable.

My compiled system will not run

I just melted my system but when I try to run it a dialog box appears which reads: "Makefile.SH is more recent than the system. Do you want to compile the generated C code?"

Can I use WEL (the Windows Eiffel Library) and resource files without a C compiler?

I want to use WEL, or Windows resource files, but I don't have a C compiler.

I cannot compile the generated C code

When freezing a system, C compilation produces errors.

I cannot compile the generated C code in multithreaded mode.

When freezing a system using multithreading, C compilation produces errors.

Borland problems

I have the Borland C compiler and I am not able to compile my project.

Unix problems

Installing from CD-ROM

I cannot install from the CD-ROM; there seems to be a problem with file names.

I don't know how to install Eiffel 4

Some common installation problems.

Daemon does not answer

I am trying to launch the Eiffel compiler, but I get an error message saying: `Daemon does not answer'.

Strange backspace key behavior (Linux/X11R6)

Backspace key steps one character to the right after deleting the character to the left of the cursor.

KeySym translation errors

When I start EiffelBench, I get a list of KeySym translation errors and the cursor keys and delete keys don't work in the tool.

Under EiffelBench, I can't enter input to my system's execution

I am using EiffelBench and trying to do terminal input with ebench in the background, but when I enter input my system does not get it, or gets only some of it, or stops with an exception!

Error when linking after finish_freezing (SunOS)

I am working on SunOS and I get an error message when I link after I have executed finish_freezing.

Other entries?

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