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Borland compiler problems


I have the Borland C compiler, but I am not able to compile the generated C code.

See also: Cannot compile generated C code; cannot compile generated C code in multithreaded mode.


First, note that if you are using multithreading you must, at the end of the C compilation, modify the Makefile to replace the reference to `cw32' by `cw32mt'. This is a manual operation; we do not currently know of any way to have it performed automatically.

Then, whether or not you are using multithreading, make sure that you have defined the environment variable EIF_BORLAND so that its value is the path name of the LIB directory of your Borland installation. (A companion page briefly explains how to set environment variables with the Borland compiler.)

For example, if you installed the Borland C compiler at D:\BC5, the EIF_BORLAND environment variable should be set to


Do not forget the last `\'.

If you still have a problem, contact ISE customer support