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Frequently asked questions about Eiffel

This page addresses some commonly asked questions about Eiffel and the ISE environment.

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I don't quite understand how to use external C functions from Eiffel.

    Read the technical note that explains everything there is to know about using external C functions.

Can I also use C++ classes from Eiffel?

    Yes. See the technology paper that says it all about the C++ interface and the Legacy++ class wrapper.

What about calling Eiffel from C or C++?

Is there an EMACS mode for Eiffel?

    Yes. Our FTP server has two files addressing this need. XEmacs distribution also contains a mode for Eiffel.

Does Eiffel support multi-threading?

Is there a concurrency mechanism proposed for Eiffel?

Is there any good reason why loop variants can only be integers?

    Yes. This is explained in a short technical note which introduces some of the (simple) mathematical background.

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