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Key mapping problems on SunOS


The keys are not correctly mapped. When I start EiffelBench I get a flurry of "unknown key mapping" messages.


This problem was present in ISE Eiffel 3. It should not occur in ISE Eiffel 4, but this page may still be useful if you encounter an unusual configuration.


The location of the XKeysymDB file is not the same of all versions of SunOS:

    For SunOS 4.1.1: /usr/lib/X11/XKeysymDB

    For SunOS 4.1.3: /usr/openwin/lib/XKeysymDB

For SunOS 4.1.3, the XKeysymDB file is already present, and you need to append the following lines to it:

    !		OSF Keysyms
    osfBackSpace			:1004FF08
    osfInsert			:1004FF63
    osfDelete			:1004FFFF
    osfCopy				:1004FF02
    osfCut				:1004FF03
    osfPaste			:1004FF04
    osfAddMode			:1004FF31
    osfPrimaryPaste			:1004FF32
    osfQuickPaste			:1004FF33
    osfPageUp			:1004FF41
    osfPageDown			:1004FF42
    osfEndLine			:1004FF57
    osfBeginLine			:1004FF58
    osfActivate			:1004FF44
    osfMenuBar			:1004FF45
    osfClear			:1004FF0B
    osfCancel			:1004FF69
    osfHelp				:1004FF6A
    osfMenu				:1004FF67
    osfSelect			:1004FF60
    osfUndo				:1004FF65
    osfLeft				:1004FF51
    osfUp				:1004FF52
    osfRight			:1004FF53
    osfDown				:1004FF54