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Daemon does not answer


I am trying to launch ebench or es4 but I get the following error:

	Unable to Register
	Application: eiffelbench
	Version: 4
	License host: cannes
	Error: Daemon does not answer.


To be able to run Eiffel compiler you should have your Eiffel license manager daemon running. The name of the daemon process is `eifdaemon' and it should be shown at the output of ps command. If it is not running, check the install page for instructions.

If you have the problem even if the daemon is running, the reason might be your network configuration.

Even if your machine is not on a network, a minimum configuration of the network is required (loopback device in particular).

You might want to check the following files: /etc/hosts, /etc/resolv.conf (if you're on a network). Depending on your platform and distribution, the file executed at boot time for the configuration of the network can be in various places like /etc/rc.d, /etc/rc.d/init.d, /etc/init.d etc..

If the loopback device is not properly configured (run ifconfig to make sure), you can try:

        # ifconfig lo
        # route add -net
You should be able to do ping to your machine. If you can't do that, eifdaemon is not able to work.

For additional information on network configuration, please consult your system manuals or your administrator. Linux users might find useful information at Linux Documentation Project web pages, in particular Linux Network Administrators' Guide. (ISE Inc. is not responsible for these pages.)