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VD43 warning


When using a precompiled library I get the following message from EiffelBench:

    Warning code: VD43
    Lace warning: precompiled file is missing or unreadable.
    What to do: make sure that the file exists, that appropriate permissions
    are set, and that the precompiled C code has been compiled.

    File: C:\Program Files\ISE Inc\Eiffel4\precomp\spec\windows\base\EIFGEN\W_code\msc\driver.exe

(See also error VD42.)


The directory referenced in the precompiled clause of your Ace file exists but does not contain all the necessary files.


Please make sure, as the error message suggests, that the listed file exists and that appropriate permissions are set.

If the files are not there, the source of the problem is one of the following:

    The libraries were downloaded from our Web pages and the download is incomplete because of a downloading problem. In this case, the fix is obviously to re-download the libraries (but see next).

    In the first releases of ISE Eiffel 4.1, there was a bug in the installation program, causing some files to be omitted if you used "Custom" installation and selected "no C compiler". Please use "Typical" or "Compact" installation, or select to install "Microsoft files" with "Custom" installation even if you are not using any C compiler.

    If you precompiled the libraries yourself, the warning indicates that precompilation did not finish successfully. Make sure to find out what went wrong during the precompilation, and restart it (or download the precompiled libraries) if necessary.

If you still have a problem, contact ISE customer support at