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Why don't I have a permanent code?


When I start EiffelBench it tells me I only have n days left. But I purchased ISE Eiffel from you guys! What is going on?


When you install ISE Eiffel from either the CD or a download, you need to register it in order to get a permanent unlock code. The software as delivered includes a temporary code, valid 30 days. That's why you are getting these "n days left" messages. As soon as you register the product they will disappear forever.

Registering the product will also entitle you to the free initial support and to receive Eiffel information and special offers.


When you start EiffelBench and see the dialog showing the message "n days left", click "Purchase". This will display a registration code.

Just e-mail that registration code to <>. You will receive the permanent unlock code by return e-mail. (You can also use fax USA 805-685-1006, or the phone, 805-685-6869, but E-mail is by far the most convenient.)