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Error when linking after finish_freezing

This problem only occurs on SunOS.


On SunOS, I receive an error message like the following, when I link after I haveve executed finish_freezing:

    cc -o driver -O -DWORKBENCH -I $EIFFEL4/bench/spec/$PLATFORM/include
    obj1.o obj2.o obj3.o obj4.o Einit.o Evisib.o Eskelet.o Eplug.o
    Econform.o Ecall.o Edispatch.o Efrozen.o Epattern.o Eoption.o Emain.o
    $EIFFEL4/bench/spec/$PLATFORM/lib/libwkbench.a -lm
    ld: $EIFFEL4/bench/spec/$PLATFORM/lib/libwkbench.a: warning: table of
    contents for archive is out of date; rerun ranlib(1)
    ld: Undefined symbol
    make: *** [eiffelbase] Error 2

(This output has been formatted. The problem only occurs on SunOS, so in this case the $PLATFORM variable will always have value sparc. If you are using ISE Eiffel 3, the environment variable will appear as EIFFEL3 rather than EIFFEL4; this also applies to the rest of the present page.)


Execute the following commands:

    ranlib $EIFFEL4/bench/spec/$PLATFORM/lib/libwkbench.a
    ranlib $EIFFEL4/bench/spec/$PLATFORM/lib/libruntime.a

and execute a ranlib on the following files as well (depending on your installation):





This problem is not specific to Eiffel, but has to do with the handling archives on Sun platforms: the path is hard coded so each time you're moving the achives, you must run ranlib again.

After doing that, you will have to run make again in the EIFGEN/W_code directory to finish the C compilation.

It is possible that during C compilation you get a message that looks like:

    make: *** No rule to make target `two_way150F.o'.  Stop.

This occurs because the precompilation erases the C files and objects files once the intermediate objects are created and the process doesn't expect any problem during the C compilation.

You have two options:

    Start the precompilation from scratch, by removing the EIFGEN directory, and redo the entire precompilation process.

    Modify the Makefile in the EIFGEN/W_code directory: remove the dependencies for the final linking by replacing `driver: F1/Fobj1.o .... Makefile' by `driver:'. Now run make again, what will do the linking directly.

The second option is faster as it involves only a linking of existing objects.