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I don't know how to install Eiffel 4


I cannot install Eiffel, because I don't find documentation or there is some strange errors.


You should have documentation in directory $EIFFEL4/doc. Files and are compressed postscript files extracted from ISE Eiffel manuals and contain information for the installation and license manager. The documents are not completely updated for ISE Eiffel 4. You will find some references to ISE Eiffel 3, most of which are still applicable to ISE Eiffel 4. You can also find a more up-to-date version of the latter document at our license manager web page. We are currently updating the documentation, so your comments are welcome.

Please read first the documents mentioned above. If you still have problems, read the following summary and check that everything was made correctly.

If you have an Eiffel4 CD-ROM, you can either copy the whole directory Eiffel4 on your hard disk or run directly from the CD-ROM. Whatever you choose, set your EIFFEL4 environment variable to the Eiffel4 directory you want to run Eiffel from. Set your PLATFORM environment variable to indicate the platform you are using, for example for linux systems the value should be `linux' or 'linux-glibc'. Add the following directory to your PATH: $EIFFEL4/bench/spec/$PLATFORM/bin. If you chose to run Eiffel from the CD-ROM you have to copy the directory Eiffel4/install to you hard disk and set environment variable EIF_LICENSE to point there.

Then you need to setup your license manager.

Run the command `eifid' and send the output to

We will send you registration keys for the products you have purchased. The keys should be put at the end of the file $EIFFEL4/install/registration if you run Eiffel from your hard disk, or $EIF_LICENSE/registration if you run Eiffel from a CD-ROM. After that you should run the command eiflicense, which will install the license keys.

In case you are evaluating Eiffel for a trial period, we will send you a different key and instructions how to install it.

In the limand/ directory, the file `dhost' must contain one single line with the name of the machine that will run the license manager:

        % hostname > dhost
Run the license manager:

        % eifdaemon &
Or better:

        % (nohup eifdaemon &)
Or, if you want a log of the connections to eifdaemon:

        % (nohup eifdaemon -l &)
Now you should be able to run your Eiffel environment: try `ebench' for interactive graphical user interface of the Eiffel compiler or `es4' for command line version of the compiler.