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The examples are missing!


I installed EiffelBench but I did not find any examples.


When you install EiffelBench with a "Custom" installation, you are asked to select from a list of components.

That list has a scrollbar and you should go down in the list and select everything that you need, including examples if you want the examples.

You may not have noticed the scrollbar, in which case you only selected items from the very top of the list; in particular you missed the examples.


Run the installation program again and make sure to go down the scroll list and select any installation components that you missed the first time around, including the examples. The installation program will add them to the installation.


A number of people have brought to our attention that the scrollbar is easy to overlook. In future releases we will improve the dialog so that no one inadvertently misses desired components.

If you still have a problem, contact ISE customer support