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What's New

There has been much done in the last three months to further improve EiffelStudio 5.0. In response to customer feedback, we are introducing 2 new versions with a wider variety of pricing models.

Another major improvement is the addition of support for Linux, Unix, Solaris, Windows 9x and Windows Me. In addition we have also expanded our .NET compatibility and greatly improved compilation time.

Here are some of the key additions and changes made in EiffelStudio 5.1:

There are also numerous enhancements to the built-in editor, including:

  • A more complete class creation dialog (allowing inclusion of parent classes and various other options for the new class).
  • The ability to create a top-level cluster, instead of only sub-clusters, and the option to choose the directory for this cluster.
  • Auto-completion in address combo boxes (for Windows)
  • Improved auto-completion in the editor (supporting the new feature {CLASS}.static_feature notation)
  • Selection drag and drop within the editor allowing for easier text manipulation.