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Eiffel University Partnership Program

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Special Offer

Enroll in the University Partnership Program before June 30 and receive a free gift. Choose between a copy of:


Bertrand Meyer's .NET Training Course

Jean-Paul Tremblay's Data Structures and Software Development in an Object-Oriented Domain - EiffelEdition.

Teaching the Best

We know that, as computer science educators, you want to teach your students the best: skills that will land them a job and enable them to grow in that job.

Most educators know all too well the limitations of the solutions that used to work in the seventies and eighties -- Pascal for introductory programming, perhaps a bit of Scheme to encourage abstract thinking, C for systems programming. C++ and Java are complicated and hard to teach, leading to courses that teach the language when they should teach the concepts. The challenges of software development today demand a more modern approach.

CS and information systems departments around the world have found the solution: Eiffel. Backed by years of successful experience over four continents, Eiffel has proved to be the method of choice for universities that place teaching quality and student satisfaction at the top of their concerns.

Only With EiffelStudio Do You Get:

  • The full benefit of object technology -- from the team that wrote the book.
  • A simple, clear, easy to learn language. No strange syntax; forget ampersands and braces, forget complexity; to learn the concepts is to learn the notation.
  • Loads of high-quality libraries, giving students access to some of the best code around, both to develop their own software and to learn from the masters through the time-honored practice of apprenticeship.
  • Software components covering data structures, algorithms, graphics, databases, networking, Web programming, numerical computation and more.
  • A gentle approach to systematic software construction: Eiffel is the only environment that offers extensive assertions (preconditions, postconditions, invariants) for teaching students the discipline of Design by ContractTM, -- the ideal paradigm to train quality-conscious software developers.
  • The flashiest development environment around, with graphical tools, fast compilation, debugging, browsing, documentation and more.
  • Openness: Eiffel talks to C, to C++, Java, so that your students learn to use the power of object technology to integrate software written using low-level approaches.
  • The support of a team -- Eiffel Software -- which understands the academic environment and enjoys working with academics for the benefit of their students.

Eiffel: Gateway to the World

With Eiffel you are not stuck within the confines of one environment. Eiffel focuses on the concepts, not on strange notational details. Countless educators have remarked how much easier it is to teach C++, Smalltalk, Java or even C once the students have mastered the techniques of modern system construction through Eiffel.

Students agree too, and so do corporate recruiters and journalists. According to Amy Cody-Quinn from Management Recruiters International, quoted in ComputerWorld:

" There is a big problem with people who say they know C++ -- but they don't really know how to do objects. If they have Eiffel on the résumé, then we know they really have the proper understanding of what they are doing "

(in ComputerWorld, December 18, 1995).

Students with a narrow set of skills are sure to lose in today's competitive job environment. With Eiffel you build a strong basis from which students can learn all the major approaches to software construction. You equip them with the problem-solving skills that will make them able to learn new languages and tools quickly and effectively. As Steve Tynor wrote in the May, 1996 special Eiffel issue of the Journal of Object-Oriented Programming:

" In Eiffel there is no long laundry list of low-level things you should and should not do... The consequence is that in Eiffel culture the problem domain becomes the central focus of concern... The programmer has more time to design for reusability, to implement the design correctly, and to ensure that both the design and the implementation properly model the domain. After all, creating systems for solving real-world problems is why we write programs in the first place. "

What better motto for your students?

A Commitment to Education

At Eiffel Software, we take the educational market very seriously. Never mind some of our customers develop banking systems of more than 600,000 thousands lines, such as CALFP's Rainbow system for derivative trading, on which the operation of an entire bank are based; never mind that others such as Bytex have won industry awards for intelligent hubs entirely developed in Eiffel: a first-year undergraduate course is just as important. You will enjoy the same tools, and the same support, that has won us accolades from our most demanding corporate customers.

When dealing with Eiffel Software you will be interacting with people who know about teaching and understand the dedication it takes to make a software curriculum successful. You will be enjoying the benefits of the Eiffel University Partnership Program (see last page), including, together with attractive university pricing, special access to transparency masters, documentation, a mailing list of Eiffel educators, and more.


Eiffel is one of the most portable environments in the industry. You choose your platform; we provide the environment. All implementations have full source code compatibility, so that students can, for example, use a UNIX server at the university and continue working on their software at home.

Currently supported platforms include: Windows (95, 98, Me, XP, NT, 2000); VMS (Alpha and Vax); SunOS, Solaris, HP 9000, SGI Irix, Unix variants, Linux.

Student Licenses

Many students will want to do some of their work at home and continue exploring the ideas that they have learned at school.

The Student Edition of EiffelStudio 5.1 offers all the functionality of the Home Edition with additional tools aimed at helping students develop their understanding of Eiffel. With the inclusion of a preview of EiffelBuild, students are introduced to the new EiffelVision 2 and rapid GUI development. Please contact Eiffel Software for more information.

Special Offers

Special offers are available for students in universities that are members of the University Partnership Programs; the offers can include textbooks and are usually arranged through your university's bookstore.

To arrange for such a special offer for your students, ask the manager of your University Bookstore to get in touch with us (or contact us directly if you prefer).

The University Partnership Program

Departments having adopted Eiffel/Eiffel Studio for teaching can, at no charge, join the Eiffel University Partnership Program, which includes among other advantages:

  • The right to use transparency masters from some of Eiffel Software's most popular courses, in particular Bertrand Meyer's acclaimed Object-Oriented Software Construction seminar.
  • A copy of An Eiffel Collection, a collection of hard-to-find articles on object technology and Eiffel.
  • Special discount programs for students wishing to use EiffelStudio on their home computers.
  • Access to Eiffel Software's customer support at the same level as commercial customers.
  • Access to beta versions of new software releases (environment, tools, libraries...).

Application Forms

To join the University Partnership Program, contact us today at:

    Interactive Software Engineering, Inc.
    ISE Building,
    356 Storke Road,
    Goleta, CA, 93117

    Telephone: (805) 685-1006
    Fax: (805) 685-6869