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EiffelStudio 5.1 Now Available!

Eiffel Software proudly presents the latest release of Eiffel, featuring EiffelStudio, the newest version of its acclaimed Eiffel software development environment. EiffelStudio 5.1 is one of the first commercial products to provide full support for Microsoft .NET, and runs with complete portability across many operating systems including Windows, Unix, Linux and VMS.

ISE Eiffel 5.1 is a complete development environment based on the Eiffel method and language and emphasizes ease of use, speed of compilation and run-time performance. Unlike usual programming languages, Eiffel provides a full lifecycle solution which is applicable throughout the software process, from problem analysis and system architecture down to the most detailed levels of implementation and maintenance. Throughout this process, ISE Eiffel supports full reversibility, keeping the various levels of description synchronized, so that a change in implementation is immediately reflected in the analysis and design. To further this seamless, reversible development model, ISE Eiffel provides both text and graphical views of a system, letting developers work from either side, and automatically maintaining consistency between the software text and the UML-like diagrams ... more >>

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Student, Home or Enterprise? Which edition of EiffelStudio is right for you? To see which features are available in each package, take a look at the feature comparison table.

With the release of EiffelStudio 5.1, a number of new platforms are now supported. Details of the system requirements for each platform can be found here.

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