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EiffelBuild is the GUI Builder of ISE Eiffel.

What is EiffelBuild?

EiffelBuild facilitates the development of Graphical User Interfaces (GUI's) using the Vision2 library. Instead of repeating the coding, compiling and testing cycle necessary to develop a specific GUI appearence, using EiffelBuild the interface can be constructed quickly and easily in a tool specifically designed for this task. Immediate feedback on the current look of the interface is available and permits real time modifications.

EiffelBuild features:

  • Quickly and easily develop a Vision2 interface.
  • Generates clear, readable and maintainable Eiffel code.
  • Can automatically generate an ace file and application class to launch your interface.
  • Inifinite undo/redo mechanism.
  • Pick and drop mechanism simplifies construction.
  • Saves to XML format.
  • Support for user defined components (An interface structure and all properties) allows for quick building of repeated interface structures.

What does it look like?

EiffelBuild Screen Shot

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