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Who is using it?

Companies worldwide have been using Eiffel for years to develop some of the most challenging industry projects, drawing on the full power of modern object technology.

In these pages you will find a selection of current Eiffel projects and published stories about some of the most exciting of these projects.

Eiffel projects

If you have an Eiffel project that you would like to see listed here, please send a project description.

Another source of information about projects is the EiffelWorld magazine. Click here to request a free introductory subscription.

Universities too!

Eiffel is not just used by industry to develop tough enterprise applications, but also by universities to prepare their students for the job market of tomorrow and beyond. Universities the world over rely on Eiffel for software and systems courses, starting with introductory programming and continuing throughout the curriculum.

For more information see the Eiffel University Partnership Program.

Of related interest

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