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Eiffel Software has teamed up with the some of the leading companies in the industry to offer Eiffel Software's customers a wide range of best-of-breed solutions and services, addressing the needs of the most demanding enterprise applications.

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Wrox Press - Programmer 2 Programmer   Programmer 2 Programmer
Wrox Press

    Wrox Press was established in 1992 to publish books for computer programmers. The Programmer to Programmer™ philosophy, combined with Wrox's unique editorial process soon emerged, and success of Wrox books across the world has lead to the opening of sales offices and the selling of distribution rights worldwide.

    P2P Resource Center - a free subscription service, the P2P resource center consists of mailing lists ranging from ASP, Java, PHP, Perl, SQL and VB, to the latest .NET discussions. It was launched in November 1999, and continues to provide an invaluable resource for the programming community, with around 2000 new messages posted to the site every week.

Matisse Software   Matisse Software (ADB)

    The Matisse database, from Fresher Information Corp., is designed for object developers who need to rapidly develop and deploy scalable object-based applications and services. Matisse's proven architecture and patent pending technology include full support for object programming and server-based native SQL.

    Matisse is uniquely positioned to provide the optimal foundation for object development and deployment - something previous generations of databases have strived for, but never fully achieved. Unlike other databases that suffer from performance problems, unnecessary complexity and administrative bottlenecks, Matisse is high performance, efficient and requires zero administration.

    Matisse allows developers to create applications and services faster, cheaper and more effectively while simultaneously allowing IT to cost-effectively deploy and administer these applications.

    Eiffel Software offers EiffelMatisse, an Eiffel interface for the Matisse database. Backed by solid customer experience in financial and CAD applications, EiffelMatisse adds the power of an advanced O-O database to object-oriented development.


Sterling Software


    Sterling Software's COOL:Jex division (previously Cayenne Software's ObjectTeam) provides leading development tools for object-oriented development, and database and application analysis and design.

    Eiffel Software has developed, in conjunction with COOL, an Eiffel code generator for ObjectTeam, their robust, multi-user solution for object-oriented application development.

    Object Team provides a state-of-the-art repository and team modeling features for modeling and managing O-O components as corporate assets throughout the analysis, design, and implementation of large-scale applications.

    Object Team's support for Eiffel enables users of UML and OMT to generate quality Eiffel classes, offering improved efficiency and reusability, a small RAM footprint, superior garbage collection, and bug-free operation through Eiffel's Design by Contract principles.

Versant Object Technology  

Versant Object Technology


    Versant develops and markets database, Internet and legacy integration products and services for building and deploying enterprise-wide applications. The Versant ODBMS is the industry's leading object database management system for multi-user, distributed applications.

    The Eiffel-Versant interface enables Eiffel users to build and deploy flexible systems that meet their evolving business requirements.


Abstraction logo  



    Abstraction is an active Eiffel distributor based in Neuchâtel (Switzerland) and providing training cycles in Object Technology, coaching for project startup, and also new a business solution.

    Abstraction's product, Automatic Business Computing, is of a new generation in business software for small, but beautiful, companies. ABC minimizes the administration effort for small companies, which need to maintain an accurate description of new business, cash flow etc., but want to devote their efforts to business, not paperwork.

Cap Gemini  



    Cap Gemini is a $3-billion global systems integrator and solutions provider with operations concentrated in Europe, America and Asia. 29,000 Cap Gemini consultants serve customers through four distinct business units. Cap Gemini's corporate mission is to partner with business leaders to create and transform organizations through state-of-the-art business knowledge and Information Technology.

    Cap Gemini consultants are using Eiffel to deliver leading-edge O-O systems for Groupe S (Belgian-based payroll and accounting services provider), Bull (information services, defense), EDF (French national electric utility), CNET (French national telecom) and many others.

Enea Data  



    Based in Stockholm (Sweden), Enea is one of Scandinavia's leading system integrators and consulting organizations.

    A pioneering provider of object-oriented development, security, and database management solutions, Enea has used Eiffel in a number of large, high-profile installations. Eiffel-based systems have been developed by Enea's O-O experts for, among others, the National Board of Occupational Safety and Health, the National Land Survey of Sweden, the National Defense Research Establishment and Siemens.

    Eiffel has been chosen time and again by Enea project managers to meet the demands of the sophisticated information systems required by Enea's customers.

Fowler Software Design LLC  



    Fowler Software Design LLC provides expert software analysis, design, programming, testing and documentation.

    Our technical staff are experts with the concepts from OOSC-2. The versatility, ease of programming and pure object-orientation of Eiffel make it a favorite among our staff and clients.

Trusted Components  



    The Trusted Components Initiative is a cooperative effort to further the success of the software industry through Component-Based Development, enforcing the highest standards through systematic techniques for component quality.

    The Trusted Components initiative involves companies as well as universities. Eiffel Software is proud to participate in this project which holds the potential of great advances for the software industry.

    The original impetus was an IEEE Computer article on "Trusted Components for the Software Industry" now available online. (You will also find it on the Trusted Components site.)