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Some ISE Eiffel Projects

A + F

AMP Investments
Sydney (Australia)

Point of Sale software.

Financial applications.
See Thomas Beale's article Eiffel: An Industry Experience..

Fondettes (France)

Axa Rosenberg
San Francisco Bay Area, London, Tokyo

Cartographic applications, simulation.

Financial applications.

Paris Area (France)

CALFP Bank (Credit Agricole Lazard Financial Products Bank)
London, New York, Paris, Singapore, Tokyo

Hardware design and simulation.

Futures trading, pricing, bank operations.
See an article about CALFP's acclaimed RAINBOW system.

Cee Data System Pty Ltd
Sydney (Australia)

CONAE (National Aerospace Organisation)
Buenos Aries (Argentina)

Accounting software products.


Digital Biometrics
Minnetonka (USA)

EDF (National Power Company)
Lyon (France)

Fingerprint identification.

Scientific applications, modeling.

EDF (National Power Company)
Paris area (France)

EMC Corp.
Hopkinton, Massachussets (USA)

Information systems, documentation, O-O database interfaces.

Disk drive design and simulation.

Environmental Protection Agency / Lockheed Martin
Research Triangle Park, NC (USA)

EuroDisney S.C.A.
Marne-la-Vallee (France)

Vizualization software.

Simulation of park's attractions.

GEHR Project

Belgium / France

Electronic health record system/architecture.

Nationwide payroll systems.

Hewlett-Packard, printer division
Boise, Idaho (USA)

ICL (Fujitsu)
Manchester (UK)

Embedded systems.
See the Christopher Creel interview.

Object request broker.

Information Sciences Institute (USC-ISI)
Marina del Rey (California)

Institut Cartographic de Catalyuna
Barcelona (Spain)

VLSI circuit design.

Cartography, scientific applications.

Joint European Research Center
Ispra (Italy)

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories
San Francisco Bay Area (USA)


Scientific applications.

Limit Point Systems
San Francisco Bay Area (USA)

Lucent Technologies
Middletown, New Jersey (USA)

Healthcare Systems.


Montgomery Asset Management
San Francisco (USA)

MPR Teltech (division of British Columbia Telephone)
Burnaby (Canada)

Financial applications.
See the article about the Mongomery quantitative investment research workbench.

Telecommunications, management of telecommunication and other networks.

National Board of Occupationa Safety and Health
Solna (Sweden)

National Defense Research Establishment
Stockholm (Sweden)

Suppport and analysis system for safety and health inspections.

Database query language evaluator; analysis and simulation system for hostile submarine activity.

National Land Survey of Sweden
Gavle (Sweden)

Pointe-à-Pitre (Guadeloupe)

Scientific applications, cartography.

Weather prediction, hydraulic studies, cartography.

Rentenanstalt / Swiss Life
Zurich (Switzerland)

Resolution Technology
Dublin (Ireland)


Financial applications.

Rockwell International
Cedar Rapids, Iowa (USA)

Sandia National Laboratories
San Francisco Bay Area (USA)

Scientific applications.

Scientific applications.

Madrid (Spain)

Sir William Alcrow & Partners Limited
Swindon (UK)

VLSI circuit design, VHDL simulation.

Civil Engineering.

Rome (Italy)

Tokyo Gas
Tokyo (Japan)

Telecommunications applications, networking.

Object-Oriented database interfaces.

(Major financial institution)
US Midwest

(Trading systems company)
London (UK)

Trade floor price reporting system.

Financial applications.

(Major software house, defense division)

(Pharmaceutical company)

Complex data analysis system.

Medical applications.

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