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NICE Language Committee: VIP archive


In 1994-1995, representatives of three Eiffel implementations -- Michael Schweitzer, Steve Tynor and Bertrand Meyer -- undertook a series of discussions on language topics. Michael came up with the name for that project: VIP, for Vendor Interoperability Program. VIP was conceived as a subcommittee of the language committee, with a purely advisory role.

This set of pages is the record of the VIP discussions. They are made available to help further work by the NICE language committee.

The Web pages are a service to the NICE language committee and have no official status. Only minimal effort has been made to put them in a somewhat readable HTML format. Address complaints about the format of the pages to Bertrand Meyer.


Please do not a priori assume that any of the authors still holds any of the views or attitudes that he may have expressed four years ago.

The purpose of making these pages available to the committee is not to draw attention to what anyone may have said or thought at a particular time, but to facilitate further committee discussions by taking advantage of in-depth reflections that may already have taken place on important issues.

Current threads

Below is a list of all recorded threads. The order (alphabetical by subject is not significant). If the need arises the maintainer of this Web archive (BM) will organize it better, e.g. with less cryptic page titles.