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Your Object-Oriented Library

Object technology is the software technology of the future. The books listed here go beyond the hype and give you concrete, in-depth information that will enable you to become a better software developer or roject manager.

Recent Addition: Windows Programming Made Easy by Glenn Maughan and Raphael Simon, the ultimate WEL programmer book.

Featured Book: Object-Oriented Software Construction, second edition, the 1300-page definitive reference on object technology, is available now. You can order from here and even request an autographed copy.

Also of Interest: Order TOOLS USA conference proceedings online. Click here to find out more; Visit Prentice Hall's Object and Component Technology Series web page at

Books Available From Eiffel Software

Object Success Eiffel: The Language An Object-Oriented Environment

Object Success: A presentation of object technology for managers.

Eiffel: The Language

An Object-Oriented Environment: Principles and application of O-O development environments.

Windows Programming Made Easy The .NET Video Course by Bertrand Meyer Object-Oriented Software Construction, 2nd Edition

Windows Programming Made Easy: Build Windows applications using Eiffel.

The .NET Training Course by Bertrand Meyer: The first complete overview of .NET technology for decision-makers and technical professionals alike.

Object-Oriented Software Construction, 2nd Edition: The 1300-page definitive reference on object technology.

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Compiling for the .NET Common Language Runtime: The first practical guide to Microsoft's .NET Common Language Runtime

Objects Unencapsulated: Java, Eiffel and C++: Comparision of the strengths and weaknesses of the three object-oriented languages C++, Java and Eiffel.

Book details

"Object Success", Bertrand Meyer

Object Success

A concise and incisive presentation of the business side of object technology. Meant specifically for managers, the book focuses on the practical issues facing any company that plans to use Object-Oriented Methods to reengineer its software process. Provocative and irreverent, it bypasses hype and ObjectSpeak and respects no sacred cow in its drive to provide managers with concrete, no-nonsense tips on how to get the full benefits of the method. If you are a programmer, make sure your boss gets this book!

Prentice Hall 1995, 250 pages, ISBN 0-13-192833-3
Price: $ 50.00 -- Order here

"Eiffel: The Language", Bertrand Meyer

Eiffel: The Language

Written by Eiffel's principal designer, this is the first book to cover the language in full, incorporating new developments in version 3. This book is suitable for novices as well as advanced users and implementors.

Prentice Hall, second printing, 1992, 300 pages, ISBN 0-13-247925-7.
Price: $ 50.00 -- Order here

"An Object-Oriented Environment: Principles and Application", Bertrand Meyer

An Object-Oriented Environment

This book explains what it means for an environment to be truly object-oriented, not just by having a modern user interface but by applying to its full extent the concept of data abstraction. It shows the application of these concepts to the Eiffel graphical development environment, available on most major industry platforms.

Prentice Hall 1994, 260 pages, ISBN 0-13-245507-2.
Price: $ 45.00 -- Order here

"Windows Programming Made Easy", Glenn Maughan and Raphael Simon

Windows Programming Made Easy

Windows Programming Made Easy is the latest entry in Bertrand Meyer's Prentice Hall Object and Component Technology Series. This book covers the basics of Windows Programming in Eiffel and provides a complete reference to the Windows Eiffel Library (WEL). It includes numerous examples that cover the key concepts of the library. The accompanying CD includes more than 80 examples as well as an evaluation copy of EiffelBench 4.5. WPME includes all the Windows programming principles required to program with Eiffel on Windows. It is self-sufficient and does not require any prior knowledge of the Windows APIs.

Prentice Hall 2000, 725 pages, ISBN 0-13-028977-9
Price: $ 45.00 -- Order here

"The .NET Training Course", Bertrand Meyer

The .NET Training Course

The .NET Training Course is based on Bertrand Meyer's amazing live .NET seminar. It delivers all the guidance and code you need to get results with .NET - now. With the help of over 6 hours of digital seminars, gain insider's understanding of .NET's advantages, architecture, runtime, object model, deployment, and migration. Discover practical techniques for working with every key .NET technology, from C# to ASP.NET, SOAP to .NET frameworks, and beyond.

Prentice Hall 2000, 3 CD's, ISBN 0-13-033115-5
Price: $ 70.00 -- Order here

"Objects Unencapsulated Java, Eiffel and C++?", Ian Joyner

Objects Unencapsulated

By analyzing and comparing three different object-oriented languages, Objects Unencapsulated probes the core of object technology to examine how various language features affect software productivity. Objects Unencapsulated examines and compares the strengths and weaknesses of Java, Eiffel, and C++. Topics covered include: Objects, classes, modules, and types.; Features and interfaces; Inheritance and genericity; Concurrency and garbage collection. Grounded by his belief that true innovation demands constant re-evaluation, Ian Joyner strips away the superficial distinctions between these languages to find the essence of object-oriented programming. He explains the facts behind the many controversies that an object-oriented practitioner constantly faces. Ian Joyner is a member of the Object Technology Group at the Microsoft Research Institute at Macquarie University in Australia. He has been practicing and critiquing object-oriented software since 1979.

Prentice Hall 1999, 416 pages, ISBN 0-13-014269-7
Price: $ 50.00 -- Order here

"Compiling for the .NET Common Language Runtime (CLR)", John Gough

Compiling for the .NET Common Language Runtime (CLR)

Compiling for the .NET Common Language Runtime (CLR) is the first book to give software engineers all the details and guidance they need to create full-featured .NET compilers or implement programming languages for the .NET environment. Renowned compiler expert John Gough presents an unprecedented "under the hood" inspection of Microsoft's .NET CLR, illuminating the key concepts underlying Microsoft's new technology and demonstrating exactly how CLR maximizes interoperability across multiple programming languages. The book uses a running example to illustrate its key points (Gough's own open source Gardens Point Component Pascal compiler) which can be used as a basis for sophisticated experimentation.

Prentice Hall 2002, 450 pages, ISBN: 0-13-062296-6
Price: $ 36.50 -- Order here