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Dynamic Linking in Eiffel (DLE)

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Report identification

    ISE Technical Report TR-EI-49/DL: Dynamic Linking in Eiffel (DLE).

Publication history

    First published: September 1994 (original title: Dynamic Linking in Eiffel: A Specification).
    3.2.8, September 1994.
    3.2.9, 20 October 1994.
    3.3.5 (preliminary), 12 May 1995.
    3.3.5, 9 June 1995; revised title. Corresponds to version 3.3.5-DLE of the ISE Eiffel environment.
    3.3.9, 6 February 1996 (this version); HTML version for Web access. Up-to-date with current release of the ISE Eiffel environment.


    Bertrand Meyer, Éric Bezault.

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