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EiffelWeb: Web form processing made easy

What is EiffelWeb?

If you have a Web site, you most probably want input from its visitors: feedback ... and sales. Up to now, writing such forms required complicated "CGI scripts" (Common Gateway Interface), typically written in Perl, C, Python or even shell script languages.

EiffelWeb makes the process easy and efficient by providing the whole power of ISE Eiffel to process forms. EiffelWeb automatically takes care of parsing user input, handling errors, generating HTML output.

EiffelWeb features

  • Extraction of user submitted information.
  • Easy access to data via convenient features.
  • Debugging facilities.
  • Encapsulation of a subset of HTML for "on the fly" HTML document generation.

Getting more information on EiffelWeb

For a complete documentation on EiffelWeb, you can:

Real-life examples

EiffelWeb has been used to rewrite some of our CGI scripts formerly written in C. These scripts are currently in use on this site.

Example 1

This is a basic CGI script that merely collects personal information from the user, generates an electronic message to the administrators of the site and prints an acknowledgement message in return.

The form can be found at this address:

Example 2

The first example is extended to a general form handler. The same CGI script is used for several HTML forms built on the same structure. Thanks to polymorphism, this CGI script can be associated with other forms with little addition.

The forms can be found at theses addresses:

How do I get it?

EiffelWeb is available separately or as part of many of the Eiffel product suites.

EiffelWeb works on both Unix and Windows. (On Windows it has been validated with the IBM and Netscape servers.)