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Legacy++: re-engineering C++ programs

Legacy++ addresses the needs of the many companies with a large installed base of C++ code, who want to move to more modern approaches to software construction without losing this investment.

Encapsulating C++ classes

Legacy++ is a C++ code wrapper which, starting from a set of C++ class headers, will produce Eiffel classes encapsulating the original C++ mechanisms: methods, data members, static members, constructors, destructors. From then on these mechanisms can be accessed and extended through a clear interface.

Legacy++ is able to process large C++ programs and handles extensions from various compilers, in particular Visual C++.

The role of Legacy++

Legacy++ is one of many techniques making ISE Eiffel one of the most open software development environments available, ready to interface with many tools, languages and libraries. In this role as component combinator, ISE Eiffel the ideal mechanism for combining reusable components from many different sources.

For more information

See the online manual on the C++ interface and Legacy++.

Of related interest: the Cecil library for going the other way around -- calling Eiffel facilities from C, C++ and other languages.