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EiffelCOM: interfacing with OLE/COM/ActiveX applications

Eiffel Power (TM) from ISE

EiffelCOM is a powerful library enabling ISE Eiffel applications to interact with other Windows programs and to use compound files through the facilities of Microsoft's OLE-COM interface mechanism.

Originally developed by Microsoft but now available on non-Windows platforms too, COM (Component Object Model) is a generic mechanism allowing applications to communicate freely in a consistent way. COM is quickly spreading as a de facto standard for component integration.

From its very beginnings, ISE Eiffel has been designed as the vehicle for the component revolution. The relationship between Eiffel and COM is thus an ideal one: ISE Eiffel as the method, language and environment for building new components and integrating existing components; COM for enabling binaries to talk to each other.

EiffelCOM provides the bridge between two of the most attractive technologies for building the component-based software industry of today and tomorrow.