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EiffelBench: The dream object-oriented environment

EiffelBench is the visual workbench for object-oriented development.

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The graphical programming environment

  • Automatic dependency analysis: no more "make files"
  • Browsing through a powerful drag & drop mechanism
  • Source level debugging with break points
  • Object inspection
  • Step by step execution
  • Generates fast, compact and portable code
  • Automatic documentation mechanisms
  • Automatic memory allocation and efficient garbage collection
  • Cross-development of self-contained C packages
  • Editing: displaying and modifying class texts
  • Browsing: analyzing parent, heir, client and supplier relationships of a class

Object-oriented tools

Consistent with Eiffel's object-oriented approach, each tool is based not on functions but on a type of programmer's object:

  • Project Tool: compiling, executing and debugging a project.
  • li>System Tool: exploring the various clusters (collections of classes) of a system.
  • Class Tool: editing and browsing capabilities on class texts
  • Feature Tool: editing, browsing, execution and debugging capabilities on individual routines
  • Object Tool: inspection, execution and debugging facilities of individual run-time objects
  • Explanation Tool: on-line help facility, including language rules straight from the language's definition: "Eiffel: The Language" by Bertrand Meyer (Prentice Hall, 1992)

Melting ice technology

  • Achieves a fast change, test, debug and execution cycle
  • Combines compilation and interpretation to achieve the benefits of both solutions without their disadvantages
  • Enables developer to see result of a change in seconds, as in the best interpreted environments (quick compilation)
  • Delivers high-speed performance: only a small portion will be recompiled
  • Performs class-level type checking and guarantees type security
  • Updates elements automatically which are indirectly affected by a change
  • Produces fully optimized stand-alone output once the development process is completed (final compilation)

EiffelBench is a highly portable system, available on many standard industry platforms and providing a particularly effective vehicle for portable cross-platform development.