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Emmanuel Stapf


Born in 1974, Emmanuel Stapf, also called "Manu" by his friends, grew up in Bouxières-aux-Dames, a small village located a few miles away from Nancy, France. He went to school in Nancy. At 18, he got his "Bac C", then went for two years of preparatory school to "Lycée Henri Poincaré" (named after the famous mathematician, also born in Nancy, 1854-1912). He finished his studies at ENSEEIHT in Toulouse, with a degree in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics.

Emmanuel's Eiffel story began at ENSEEIHT, where computer science professors chose Eiffel to teach O-O programming. Due to the special relationship between ISE and ENSEEIHT, he was able to spend his last year of study, in 1996, as an intern at ISE as well as a student at UCSB, this was back in 1996, together with two other ENSEEIHT students, Savrak Sar and Zoran Simic.

He first started to work on a small project which led to the realization of "Resource Bench" a compiler from Windows Resource Files to Eiffel, based on the EiffelLex and EiffelParse libraries and generating Eiffel code targeted to WEL.

At the end of 1996, several events completely changed his life. Still an intern at ISE, he first became involved with Isabelle Meyer, the eldest of Bertrand's daughters. They were engaged in June 1998 and marriage is to happen soon. Then, some deep changes occurred in ISE's internal organization. He managed the realization of a prototype for IBM in collaboration with Signalytics Software, and then took part in the development of the new ISE EiffelBench compiler with Zoran. This ended in June 1997 with the release of ISE EiffelBench 4.1, his first release and also the first release with multithreaded support (done mainly by Zoran Simic and helped by Savrak Sar).

Since then, he has managed all the technical team of ISE and under his supervision ISE successfully released version 4.2 to 5.1. In February 1998, 4.2 was twice as fast as 4.1; in March-May 1999, 4.3 and 4.4 were able once more to reduce compilation speed by more than twice in comparison with 4.2. With 4.3 he also brought to EiffelBench an improved user interface. With 5.0 and 5.1 EiffelStudio (replacing EiffelBench) was again about two to three times faster than 4.5. EiffelStudio brought a completely new user interface for Eiffel development based on the new EiffelVision2 library. With Michael Schweitzer, who developped the core of some key Eiffel technologies, they brought new creation syntax, creation expression, recursive generic constraints and Agents. With 5.0 and 5.1, Emmanuel also managed the .NET effort which enabled the use of Eiffel on .NET.

Calmness and "ease of working with" are definitely among Emmanuel's most important qualities. They may be explained in part by his education, which was both strict and with a lot of freedom, and also because he lived in a very quiet family environment since his parents are deaf.

Emmanuel thinks that he cannot do anything else than Eiffel for the rest of his life.

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