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ISE Eiffel: The One-Minute Summary

For the truly hurried here is a capsule overview of ISE Eiffel:

  • A comprehensive approach to the construction of successful software.
  • The goal: improve the productivity of your software process; enable you to bring your products out before everyone else; enable you to satisfy your customers and gain new business.
  • The only approach that covers analysis, design and implementation in a single framework.
  • Includes a language, a methodology, and a complete graphical development environment.
  • Language: widely recognized as the best and simplest implementation of object-oriented concepts. Clean, simple, readable, powerful, easy to learn.
  • Methodology: based on Design by Contract -- building reliable software by defining precise contracts between its various components, and making sure the software construction process enforces these contracts.
  • Powerful graphical environment supporting fast compilation (Melting Ice Technology) and unique facilities for documentation, exploration ("browsing") and documentation.
  • Sophisticated mechanisms for assertions, inheritance (single, multiple and repeated), exception handling, genericity.
  • Compilation technique using C as the intermediate language and generating executables whose speed rivals with or exceeds C or Fortran.
  • Rich set of libraries covering graphics, the Web, networking, fundamental algorithms and data structures, lexical analysis, parsing, etc.
  • Proven track record of successful projects, including some of the largest successful O-O projects ever built anywhere: finance, telecommunications, CAD-CAM, CASE, education etc.
  • The most effective solution available today for the professional software developer

For a more detailed overview see Eiffel in a Nutshell.