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On-line Extracts

Object-Oriented Software Construction, Second Edition

This set of on-line material provides Web readers with important extracts from the second edition of the book Object-Oriented Software Construction by Bertrand Meyer.

Two formats are available:

  • The HTML (standard Web) form: see the links below.
  • Acrobat PDF format: see the links in a separate page.

The PDF chapters are extracted from the CD which comes with the book and contains its entire text in PDF.

The PDF forms are more accurate and reproduce the printed book's exact formating. To read them you need the Acrobat Reader from Adobe. (If you don't have the Acrobat Reader you can download it from Adobe.)

The rest of this page provides access to the HTML forms. (Click here for the PDF forms.)

HTML versions

Note that the chapters in HTML format, although produced from the actual book text, are severely limited by the constraints of HTML generation.

The actual book is printed in two colors and uses a sophisticated layout. The HTML versions given here can only give a rough idea. In particular, the margin notes have either been removed or rendered as GIF images which are often cropped too short, cutting off some or most of the text. We apologize for these flaws, due to the difficulty of generating HTML from a carefully formatted book using advanced text processing facilities. For a pixel-perfect version, please use the PDF versions.

On-line material

The chapters available on-line are:

Still available: Using inheritance well (complementary material for the May 1996 Object Technology column in IEEE Computer), a methodological discussion based on a draft of a comprehensive chapter in the final book.

Copyright for all OOSC-2 material: Bertrand Meyer, 1988-1997. Duplication and distribution prohibited. Personal use only.