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Many form-processing systems will have to display information back to the visitor, if only to thank the visitor for filling in the form.

This information must be in HTML format; it will often include some of the form's input, or elements generated from that input.

To avoid forcing you to write low-level HTML code, the class HTML_GENERATOR provides a set of procedures to take care of the most common cases, such as:

  • put_bold: write a string in boldface.
  • put_header1: write a level 1 title.
  • put_preformatted: write a string exactly as it was.

You can still, of course, include specific HTML codes if you wish. The procedures provided cover only a subset of HTML.

By default all written information will go to the standard output. You can redirect it through the procedure put_basic.

All the features listed are part of class HTML_GENERATOR whose complete specification appears in Appendix C.

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