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Appendix B: class CGI_ENVIRONMENT


description: "Access to environment variables set by the HTTP server when the CGI application is executed. This class may be used as ancestor by classes needing its facilities."
status: ""
date: "$Date: 2007-03-30 19:10:11 +0000 (Fri, 30 Mar 2007) $"
revision: "$Revision: 95354 $"
class interface
feature -- Environment variable setting

set_environment_variable (variable, val: STRING)
-- Set environment variable variable to val.
valid_variable: variable /= Void and then variable.count > 0;
valid_value: val /= Void
feature -- Not request-specific environment variables

Gateway_interface: STRING
-- Revision of the CGI specification to which this server complies.

Server_name: STRING
-- Server's hostname, DNS alias, or IP address.

Server_software: STRING
-- Name and version of information server answering the request.
feature -- Headerline based environment variables

Http_accept: STRING
-- MIME types which the client will accept.

Http_user_agent: STRING
-- Browser the client is using to send the request.
feature -- Request-specific environment variables

Auth_type: STRING
-- Protocol-specific authentication method used to validate user.

Content_length: STRING
-- Length of the said content as given by the client.

Content_type: STRING
-- Content type of data.

Path_info: STRING
-- Extra path information, as given by the client.

Path_translated: STRING
-- Translated version of PATH_INFO provided by server.

Query_string: STRING
-- Information which follows ? in URL referencing CGI program.

Remote_addr: STRING
-- IP address of the remote host making the request.

Remote_host: STRING
-- Hostname making the request.

Remote_ident: STRING
-- User name retrieved from server if RFC 931 supported.

Remote_user: STRING
-- Username, if applicable.

Request_method: STRING
-- Method with which the request was made.

Script_name: STRING
-- Virtual path to the script being executed.

Server_port: STRING
-- Port number to which request was sent.

Server_protocol: STRING
-- Name and revision of information protocol of this request.

end -- class CGI_ENVIRONMENT

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