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EiffelWorld Electronic Newsletter -- Vol. 15, No. 1 -- October 2001

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  4. .NET Experts Announces NEW Workshop
  5. .NET User Group Listings


EiffelStudio 5.1 is Coming Soon for Linux and Unix!

EiffelStudio 5.1 for Linux and Unix is the newest development in ISE Eiffel and the most important advance for these platforms since ISE Eiffel 3 was released in 1993.

This version is scheduled for release by the end of November. Beta testers are raving about the improvements that have been made and we think you will agree.

Pre-order your copy today by contacting

ISE at Microsoft PDC October 22-26

Come by and visit us at booth 334, we will be happy to meet you and answer any questions you may have.

Also, make sure to catch these exciting events:

  • The Language Panel: Tuesday, October 23, 6:00-9:00 pm. Bertrand Meyer will present Eiffel on the panel.
  • The Eiffel Theatre Showcase: Friday, October 26, 10:00- 10:30 am. Bertrand Meyer, Mickey Williams, and Raphael Simon will present Eiffel for .NET and will showcase a demo of Eiffel for VisualStudio.NET.

Eiffel In The Press

Bob Morimizu from Lockheed-Martin is quoted, on his use of Eiffel, in the current edition of Computerworld:

Software Development Magazine has published a brief review of EiffelStudio 5.0 in its November Issue. The review can be found find in the section "New and Noteworthy" on page 20.

Eiffel Corner

Are you looking to expand your library of Eiffel Books? Is there an Eiffel book you want but don't know where to look? Bookmark this site:

Intelligent Software Decoys

In this day and age of computer viruses and safety concerns you may want to look at this abstract presented at the Eiffel Summit by Bret Michael of the Naval Postgraduate School:

.Net Controls Available for Eiffel

These controls, available from, will make your life easier and are compatible with Eiffel.

.NET Experts Announces New Workshop!

As interest in .NET grows, .NET Experts continues to expand its course offerings. Our newest addition is entitled, ".NET Quickstart."

.NET Quickstart is designed for those who don't know where to begin with .NET. This 2 day course is an introduction and technical overview of .NET, covering the main aspects of .NET via lecture and demonstration. Highlights of the course include:

  • .NET Overview
  • C# Overview
  • The .NET Framework
  • ASP.NET and Web Services
  • Rich Clients and Windows Forms

.NET User Group Listings

If you have recently started up a .NET User Group .NET Experts would like to hear from you. Simply send us your contact information, meeting time and URL, if there is one. We will then add you to our User Group listing which can be reached from the .NET Experts home page.

We also have speakers available for your .NET User Group meetings. Our highly trained professionals can speak on a wide variety of .NET topics, but are available on a limited basis. If you are interested please contact:

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