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EiffelWorld Electronic Newsletter -- Vol. 14, No. 3 -- September 2001

Our thoughts are with those that have friends and family in the New York Area. We offer them our heartfelt sympathy during this most trying time.

In this Issue of EiffelWorld:

  1. Back to Work/Back to School Special
  2. Eiffel Corner
  3. .NET Experts Announces Fall Workshop Schedule
  4. Update on Eiffel for Linux & Unix
  5. .NET Experts to Exhibit at the Microsoft Professional Developer's Conference

Back to Work/Back to School Special

ISE has a special offer to mark the end of Summer vacation and the start of the school year:

    Purchase ISE EiffelStudio 5.0 and get free maintenance for one year. Don't delay, this fall special is valid only until October 15, 2001.

For more information or to purchase please contact:

Eiffel Corner

Did you ever wish you could create web servlets using Eiffel? Thanks to our friends at the Goanna project you now can!

Goanna provides an XMLC-like ( environment for Eiffel developers including a servlet engine, DOM implementation, HTML/XML parser and XML-to-Eiffel compiler (XMLE). Java developers familiar with servlet programming will be able to develop Eiffel servlets easily using the Goanna Framework. The Goanna servlet library provides a similar API to Java servlets.

For more information, click here.

The Eiffel guarantee: From specification to implementation

Everything you ever wanted to know about Eiffel can be found on this site.

.NET Experts Fall Workshops

Let us help you master .NET by taking one of our fall workshops. Topics include:

  • Using the .Net Frameworks and Libraries
  • Programming .Net with C#
  • Introduction to Eiffel and Object-Oriented Programming on .NET

Our workshops are intensive, in-depth, hands-on sessions enabling you to master all the details of .NET technologies and return home ready to deliver impressive, robust applications. Sessions usually run 5 days but can be delivered on-site from 1-5 days. Enrollment in each session is strictly limited so that each student can benefit from the personal attention of the instructors.

For a full schedule or to register, click here.

Update on Eiffel For Linux & Unix

If you've been waiting patiently for Eiffel for Linux and Unix, your wait is almost over. We plan to release the Linux and Unix versions this fall as part of our 5.1 release. Seeing is believing as this version is vastly improved over 4.5. New features include: EiffelStudio, fully integrated analysis, design and programming tool supporting both text-based and graphical development and round-trip engineering; spectacularly fast compilation; unique project documentation and Web publishing tools; debugging; wizards to help developers.

If you are interested in pre-ordering your own version, contact for pricing information.

.NET Experts to Exhibit at the Microsoft Professional Developer's Conference

.NET Experts is pleased to announce it will exhibit at the Microsoft Professional Developer's Conference, October 22-26 in Los Angeles, Ca. This year's PDC, entitled "Discover what's next for .NET" promises to sell out once again. Join us and be the first on your block to experience the latest XML Web Services technologies, including "HailStorm," the .NET Framework, and more. Come by our booth and see the latest Eiffel for .Net technology or download it here.

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