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EiffelWorld Electronic Newsletter -- Vol. 14, No. 2 -- August 2001

In this Issue of EiffelWorld:

  1. Eiffel Corner
  2. Eiffel Summit 2001 another success
  3. Share your Eiffel development success with others
  4. ISE joins Microsoft Training Tour
  5. Upcoming sessions of ".NET in One Day" in Sydney, Singapore and London

Eiffel Corner

Eiffel for .NET now available

It's out! One of the very first commercial language implementations for .NET, Eiffel for .NET was released by ISE just before TOOLS USA. This is the first officially released result of a cooperation with Microsoft that has been proceeding since the summer of 1999, with the goal of integrating Eiffel into the Microsoft .NET framework.

Eiffel users will find in Eiffel for .NET the most attractive features of Eiffel, including (alone in commercial .NET languages) genericity and Design by Contract. Eiffel for .NET is fully interoperable with other .NET languages, providing Eiffel users with easy access to the wealth of libraries available on the .NET platform. Eiffel and .NET are the ideal combination for companies wishing to take advantage of best-of-breed technologies in operating systems, Internet and Web infrastructure, software development methods, and development environments.

O-O database: Eiffel-MATISSE Binding

Developers in search of a great object-oriented database solution that works with Eiffel will be happy to learn about the upcoming release of a new Eiffel to MATISSE binding for EiffelStudio 5.0. MATISSE 5.0 is, according to its designers, the first database to integrate object technology and standard SQL. It is designed for object developers and database programmers who want to boost application performance and reduce development time. Based on technology used to run mission-critical applications for more than a decade, MATISSE 5.0 is architected for performance, scalability, and flexibility, and fits nicely with the Eiffel solutions for high-quality O-O development.

For more information on MATISSE please visit:

Eiffel Summit 2001

Once again the Eiffel Summit was successfully held at the Fess Parker Doubletree Hotel on Tuesday July 31. The theme of this year's summit, "EIFFEL IN THE ENTERPRISE: The Power of Application and Integration," featured presentations which demonstrated Eiffel as a tool for establishing a competitive advantage.

You can look up the program for the day at:

We are already in the process of planning next year's Eiffel Summit. It will be held in Santa Barbara on Tuesday, June 25, 2002. If you have any suggestions for topics please send us an email at:

Share Your Eiffel Development Success With Others

Have you got an Eiffel project that you are particularly proud of? Would you like to give a fellow Eiffeler a hand? ISE is looking to build a community of "Eiffel Experts" who are willing to help fellow Eiffelers interested in sharing details of their Eiffel projects. On our site we will list you as an "Eiffel Expert". If you are interested please send an email to:

ISE Joins Microsoft .NET Developer Training Tour

ISE has joined Microsoft in its .NET Developer Training Tour. This intense two-day training course will equip developers with the foundation skills for building XML Web service and application with VS.NET technologies. Starting with a sample application, we will lead you step-by-step through building an entirely new intranet application accessing existing XML Web services on the Internet. The training includes 16 modules covering all areas of .NET development. It will be held at various locations throughout the United States.

For more info visit:
Please use the RSVP Code - gh444 to qualify for a discount.

Upcoming Sessions of ".NET in One Day" in Sydney, Singapore and London

Here's your chance to see Bertrand Meyer's acclaimed ".NET in One Day" Seminar. Upcoming sessions include:

  • Sydney, Australia Friday, September 7, 2001
  • Singapore: Tuesday, September 18, 2001
  • London, England: Friday, September 21, 2001

Click here to register, or visit for more information.

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