Editor: Brett Angwin Wednesday, 24th July, 2002
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ISE Announces Name Change

Judging by the emails we have received some of you have been wondering about the name change that has taken place.

After 17 years we felt that our name didn't best describe exactly what we do. We feel that our new name reflects our position as the world leader in the production of Eiffel, as well as object-oriented software techniques.

Read the full press release here.

Eiffel in CoDe magazine

The Sept/Oct issue of CoDe magazine will feature an article on Eiffel as a Visual Studio .NET languages.

Watch your local newsstand for the upcoming issue.

Article in MSDN - Full Eiffel on the .NET Framework

A new article on MSDN describes the implementation and integration of the full power of the Eiffel language and method, including Design by Contract, multiple inheritance, genericity, and other advanced facilities, into the Microsoft .NET Framework, creating an environment that provides a best-of-breed solution for ambitious Internet software developers.

Read the article here.

Hamish Harvey uses Eiffel to create a prototype for a computer model integration scheme which will allow the construction of flood forecasting models (and ultimately systems) from binary modules:

'I'm writing a framework to support hydrological (and ultimately, I hope, hydraulic) modeller in developing models. By making the "process" a first class entity, and by allowing modellers to either define the transformation between inputs and outputs which represents the process either by writing code in a programming language (Eiffel at present, possibly any .NET language in the future) or to define it by combining existing models, the aim is to provide modellers with tools for managing complexity using hierarchy and abstraction. A crucial observation is that model developers are not and will never be software engineers. Model developers work mostly in Universities, write enough code to validate their results, publish, and move on. Most of these models never get used. Many probably don't leave the office they were dreamed up in. I want to change that by making the process model (as distinct from the increasingly gargantuan modelling tool) the unit of exchange/sale.'

'I'm using Eiffel because it is well designed and clean in its implementation of Object-Oriented. It's not without its limitations. But in general, it's a pleasure to program in. In particular DBC is a boon for the programmer in the short term, as well as the quality of the system in the long - it can pinpoint bugs that would have taken a long time to find without it. This results in a 50% time savings on average.'

'I actually find the reward to be such that it justifies the immediate cost of coding assertions. I expected them to be like eating fruit and writing documentation: something that doesn't get done.'

To learn more about Hamish and his work visit: http://www.cen.bris.ac.uk/civil/pgra/dph/dph.htm.

Eiffel Summit 2002

The Eiffel Summit will again bring together users of the Eiffel software programming language. This is an excellent opportunity for you to connect with other Eiffel users, and share Eiffel success stories, allowing you to make smart decisions for your company in these tough economic times.

The Summit will be held Tuesday July 30, from 8:00 AM - 5:30 PM

The summit chair this year, Rex Fowler, has put together a wonderful program which can be found at www.tools-conferences.com.

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