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EiffelWorld Electronic Newsletter -- Vol. 17, No. 3 -- June 2002

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Eiffel News

ISE Announce ENViSioN! - Eiffel for .NET for Visual Studio .NET

Eiffel ENViSioN! (Eiffel for .NET for Visual Studio .NET) is an Eiffel for .NET plug-in that allows developers to use the Eiffel method and language seamlessly within Microsoft's popular Visual Studio .NET development environment.

ENViSioN! gives users the best of both worlds - Eiffel and Visual Studio .NET. ENViSioN! users will have access to all of the features of Eiffel and VS.NET, giving them the most power available in any development environment. For more info visit:

Bertrand Meyer to Speak at Component Deployment Conference in Berlin

For more information, visit:

ISE Participates in Latest Round of ECMA Meetings.

ISE is pleased to announce that it has submitted Eiffel to ECMA, a vendor-neutral international standards organization committed to driving industry-wide adoption of information and communications technologies. This submission delivers on the promise of standardizing key elements of Eiffel to enable greater interoperability between all Eiffel compiler implementations and thus helps companies leverage existing knowledge and current investments in Eiffel.

For more information on ECMA, have a look at:

Eiffel in the Press

Learn About Multi-language Programming Under .NET

The final article in Bertrand Meyer's three-part series on Multi-language Programming under .NET, appears in the July Edition of Software Development Magazine.

To view the article online, visit:

Join The Eiffel Worldwide Programmer Registry Today!

Looking for the ideal job - in other words, the one where you can program in Eiffel?

ISE wants to help! Over the years we have successfully put in contact Eiffel experts with companies using Eiffel.

We have decided to take this one step further and organize our own database of Eiffel Programmers. This way, we will have a complete list of Eiffel expertise in different geographical areas when customers come looking for that special Eiffel Developer.

Join our registry today! Send an email to

TOOLS USA - Where The Best Minds In Software Meet!

Want to learn more about .NET and advanced programming techniques? Then come to TOOLS USA 2002.

TOOLS USA the high-quality conference series in advanced software technology, has hosted more than 40 sessions since 1989. This year's conference focuses on .NET, as well as trusted components and formal specifications. To maintain its high standards of excellence, TOOLS USA limits its registration numbers, so sign up today as slots are filling up quickly.

For more information on the conference and registration details please visit our website at:

We hope you will be a part of the continuing success of TOOLS USA -- "Where the best minds in software development meet".

For registration information please visit:

Eiffel Training Coming This Summer To Sunny Santa Barbara!

The latest version of the highly acclaimed Hands-On Eiffel course is coming to Santa Barbara this summer. Be the first on your block to master Eiffel for .NET and get a jump on the competition.

For more information or to register for the course send an email to:

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