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EiffelWorld Electronic Newsletter -- Vol. 13, No. 3 -- June 2001

In this Issue of EiffelWorld:

  1. Eiffel Corner
  2. Eiffel Summit 2001
  3. .NET Workshop Schedule
  4. ISE in the Press
  5. ISE to Unveil EiffelStudio
  6. New Book Featuring Eiffel
  7. The Complete .NET Video Course
  8. ISE Eiffel Takes Part in the .NET Standardization Committee

Eiffel Corner

An Update on the Release of Eiffel 5

Keep an eye out for the release of Eiffel 5.0 by early Summer. 5.0 will be loaded with many exciting new features. If you wish to learn more about the latest features of Eiffel 5.0, we will be holding a hands-on Eiffel training session using the 5.0 release in Santa Barbara the week of July 23-27. Seats are limited and are filling up quickly, so register ASAP at

Eiffel Summit 2001 -- Eiffel in the Enterprise

Mark you calendars and plan to submit your most interesting projects for the Eiffel Summit 2001. To be held on Tuesday July 31, 2001 in conjunction with TOOLS USA in Santa Barbara CA. Visit the Eiffel Summit 2001 web pages at

Summer 2001 Schedule of Hands-on .NET Workshops in Santa Barbara, California

Full details of the workshops can be found at

Workshop Date
.NET Frameworks and Libraries 6/4-6/8 and 7/9-7/13
XML & SOAP 6/11-6/15 and 8/13-8/17
ASP.NET 6/18-6/22 and 7/16-7/20
Programming .NET with C# 6/25-6/29 and 8/20-8/24
Eiffel# 8/6-8/10

ISE in the Press

On Thursday June 7, 2001, Bertrand Meyer, CTO of ISE will appear on the radio show Tech Talk. He will discuss the evolution of the software development field and the new tools available to programmers. He will also address .NET and what it holds in store for the industry. To listen please visit

ISE to Unveil EiffelStudio at Tech-Ed in Atlanta & Barcelona

After two years of collaboration with Microsoft, ISE is ready to unveil EiffelStudio to the general public. This will be done at the Tech-Ed Conference in Atlanta held June 17-21 and at the Tech-Ed in Barcelona held July 3-6. EiffelStudio is a complete development environment based on the Eiffel methodology. EiffelStudio supports Eiffel for.NET and it promises to be the most powerful development tool on the market.

New Book Features Eiffel

Prof. Jean-Paul Tremblay from the University of Saskatchewan is one of the most successful textbook authors in computer science, with many best-sellers to his credit. For the past several years he and his colleagues have been teaching Eiffel en masse to introduce the U of S entering students to software development. The latest result is an impressive textbook, co-authored with Grant Cheston, a milestone in computer science education. "Data Structures and Software Development in an Object- Oriented Domain, Eiffel Edition" is a textbook designed for undergraduate computer science students. It provides an introduction to data structures using object-oriented analysis and design. The included CD-ROM contains an Eiffel compiler and development environment, with several other tools for use with the text. For more information, please see the review

The Complete .NET Video Course

This book, which contains 3 CD's of Bertrand Meyer's highly acclaimed one day seminar, is an introduction to .NET and its revolutionary approach to multi-platform integration. One of its kind in the software field, it integrates live training with a written manual. It is a must buy for any industry professional who is serious about .NET implementation. If you would like a copy it can be purchased from Amazon at, or from ISE beginning June 25.

ISE Eiffel Takes Part in the .NET Standardization Committee

On October 31, 2000, Hewlett-Packard, Intel Corporation, and Microsoft jointly submitted proposed draft standards to ECMA, an international standards organization, for use in defining the C# Programming Language (ECMA TC39/TG2) and the Common Language Infrastructure (ECMA TC39/TG3). ISE is happy to participate in this collaboration to define standards for the use of C#.

For more information please visit

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