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EiffelWorld Electronic Newsletter -- Vol. 17, No. 2 -- May 2002

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Eiffel News

ISE to Exhibit at Tech.Ed Barcelona

The Tech.Ed Europe conference, will be held in Barcelona, Spain, July 1-5. ISE will be exhibiting and we invite you to stop by and pick up a demo CD.

For more information, visit:

Bertrand Meyer to Speak at Component Deployment Conference in Berlin

For more information, visit:

Eiffel In The Press

Learn About Multi-language Programming Under .NET

The second in Bertrand Meyer's series on Multi-language Programming under .NET, appears in the June Edition of Software Development Magazine (page 51).

To view the article online:

In Search of That Perfect Eiffel Job? Join the Eiffel Worldwide Programmer Registry Today!

Looking for the ideal job- in other words the one where you can program in Eiffel?

ISE wants to help! Over the years we have successfully put in contact Eiffel experts with companies using Eiffel.

We have decided to take this one step further and organize our own database of Eiffel Programmers. This way, we will have a complete list of Eiffel expertise in different geographical areas when customers come looking for that special Eiffel Developer.

Join our registry today! Send an email to

Please make sure to include your:

First Name
Last Name
Telephone number
Email address
Area(s) of Eiffel expertise
Level(s) of Eiffel expertise
Other programming capabilities
Availability for:

    Remote work
    Onsite work
    Part time
    Full time

Eiffel Summit 2002 - July 30, 2002

Share your successes and experiences with others, email your presentation today to the Summit Chair, Rex Fowler at

Looking forward to welcoming you in beautiful Santa Barbara this summer for an exciting day.

Upcoming Hands-On Eiffel Training

The July 22 to July 26th Hands-On Eiffel course . Be the first on your block to master Eiffel for .NET and get a jump on the competition.

For more information, or to register for the course, send an email to:

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