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EiffelWorld Electronic Newsletter -- Vol. 13, No. 2 -- May 2001

In this Issue of EiffelWorld:

  1. ISE Has Joined Microsoft Visual Studio Integration Program
  2. .NET Experts -- Your Resource Center for .NET Expertise
  3. Eiffel Corner
  4. Eiffel Summit -- The Annual International Eiffel User Conference
  5. Hands-On Eiffel Training with Eiffel 5

ISE Has Joined Microsoft Visual Studio Integration Program

The Visual Studio Integration (VSI) program offers ISVs and ERP vendors the opportunity to integrate their products with the next version of the Microsoft Visual Studio suite of tools. The goal is to provide developers with a choice of solutions compatible with Visual Studio.

More information is available on the Microsoft website

.NET Experts -- Your Resource Center for .NET Expertise

Seminars, workshops, conferences and resources to help companies master the power of .NET:

  • .NET in One Day: the seminar by Bertrand Meyer - worldwide locations
  • Hands-on workshops - Summer sessions in Santa Barbara (also available in-house)

    1. Using the .NET frameworks and libraries: June 4-8; July 9-13
    2. Using XML and SOAP on the .NET platform: June 11-15; Aug.13-17
    3. ASP.NET: Web Sites with Attitude: June 18-22; July 16-20
    4. Programming .NET with C#: June 25-29; Aug. 20-24
    5. Introduction to Eiffel# and O-O Programming on .NET: Aug.6-10

For information visit the .NET Experts website at

Eiffel Corner


The general idea behind EiffelFURY was to combine the existing multimedia capabilities provided in WEX with support for 2D Graphical Device Interface Primatives, enhanced Screen Resolution and Bit-Depth Controls, Low Resolution Timers and accurate Time Delay functionality. While these additions do not constitute a complete 2D and Multimedia Library, EiffelFURY can serve as an excellent introduction to many of the principles behind game, multimedia and graphics programming for the Win32 environment all with the benefits of using ISE Eiffel.

For several examples and fully functional game demos check out the EiffelFURY open source home page at

A Preview of Eiffel 5

ISE Eiffel V 5.0 is now in beta. It will be released in June. Here is a preview of its most exciting new features:

  • EiffelCase and EiffelBench have been merged into one product, EiffelStudio, to offer a completely seamless approach to the analysis, design and implementation of software systems.
  • Compilation time has been reduced by a factor of 2 to 5 as compared to 4.5 (itself much faster than previous versions). The runtime is 30 to 100% faster.
  • There is a completely new graphical interface, with major new features such as:

    1. A syntax highlighting editor
    2. Auto completion
    3. Wizards to simplify project creation
  • Eiffel 5.0 also offers improved debugging facilities with:

    1. step by step
    2. step into
    3. step out
    4. stop anytime

New Platforms: Eiffel on LinuxPPC and FreeBSD

In its continued efforts to serve the needs of Enterprise-wide development, ISE has ported the ISE batch compiler and the Eiffel runtime on LinuxPPC and FreeBSD.

The following products will be available as well, but not supported:

  • EiffelStore
  • Eiffel2Java

ISE Eiffel is now available on the following platforms:

  • Digital Unix 4.0
  • FreeBSD
  • Irix 6.5
  • Linux Intel with glibc version 2.1
  • LinuxPPC
  • Solaris 2.5+
  • VMS
  • Cray C90 and T3D (on request)
  • Windows 98/Me/NT/2000

If you are interested in a specific platform not mentioned here, please contact us at

Eiffel Summit: The Annual International Eiffel User Conference

Santa Barbara, Tuesday, July 31, Fess Parker's Double Tree Resort

The theme of this year's summit, "Eiffel in the Enterprise: The Power of Application and Integration," encourages presentations which demonstrate Eiffel as a tool for establishing competitive advantage. Mark your calendar today and send your submission to

Hands-On Eiffel Training

The next session of our "Hands-on Eiffel training advanced level" course will be held in Santa Barbara, CA the week of July 23-27. This session will be taught by Bertrand Meyer and presented with the latest version of ISE Eiffel, Eiffel 5.0. For more information and registration visit

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