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EiffelWorld Electronic Newsletter -- Vol. 17, No. 1 -- April 2002

In this Issue of EiffelWorld

  1. Eiffel News
  2. Eiffel Corner
  3. Eiffel Announces Beta Version of V2
  4. Eiffel in the press
  5. Last Call for Papers for TOOLS USA
  6. .NET News

Eiffel News

ISE/.NET Experts to Exhibit at Tech.Ed & SD West

The 10th anniversary Tech.Ed conference, will be held in New Orleans, April 9-13. ISE/.NET Experts will be exhibiting at booth 833. We invite you to stop by and pick up a demo CD.

For those of you in the San Francisco Bay Area:

We will also be exhibiting at the Software Development Conference in San Jose, April 23-25, booth 1329. Bertrand Meyer will be speaking at the conference on Thursday, April 25th, and Friday, April 26th.

For information on his talks visit:

Connecticut Object-Oriented Users Group (COOUG) to Feature Design by Contract

Dr. James McKim will be discussing the book he co-authored titled, "Design by Contract, by Example."

Courtesy of ISE, there will be a give away of two full copies of ISE Eiffel Enterprise for Windows plus a number of evaluation CDs.

For more info, visit:

CRIM Conference

Dr. Bertrand Meyer, Founder and Technical Advisor to ISE, will be presenting two talks at the CRIM Conference in Montreal on May 1, 2002:

  • Web Platform of the Future: the Clash of Titans
  • Multi-language programming with .NET

Eiffel Corner

Standard Transactions Uses Eiffel to Empower Customers to Purchase Digital Cash

This month we highlight Standard Transactions, a company located in the British Virgin Islands. It provides individuals, companies, and affinity groups the ability to make instant international payments. They currently serve customers in over 120 countries in the world, on every continent other than Antarctica.

Standard Transactions customers can:

  • send money to business partners/suppliers more cost effectively
  • live in one country and pay bills in another
  • send money home faster and more efficiently without breaking the bank
  • carry cash in their pocket without risk, while on business trips or vacation

According to CTO, Loryn Jenkins:

"Eiffel is eminently suited to distributed and group development, as the contracting formalism allows so much design and implementation information to be communicated so efficiently. Together with good cluster overview documentation (and clear, complete and consistent requirement documents), these facilities allows efficient interaction of multiple developers in building a system."

"We really enjoy EiffelStudio's integrated class diagramming; kick-butt class, cluster and system-browsing facilities; HTML documentation; flexible system debugging; and its integrated metrics facilities. Using each of these facilities, it enables pin-point accuracy in judging completeness and correctness of systems."

ISE Announces New Product - Pre-order now and save!

ISE Announces Beta Version of Eiffel for Visual Studio .NET, codename: V2

ISE is proud to announce the release of a Beta Version of V2: Eiffel for Visual Studio .NET. This version allows developers using Microsoft Visual Studio .NET to seamlessly use ISE Eiffel to build next generation Web applications and XML Web services.

Look for the official release sometime in late spring.

Pre-order now and save $100 per copy. Simply send an email to:

Eiffel In The Press

ISE EiffelStudio has just received a four page, four star review in the latest edition (May issue) of Software Development magazine!

If you have the magazine, you can find the review starting on page 27.

Our very own .NET Expert, Mickey Williams, has a new book: "Microsoft Visual C# .NET", ISBN 0735612900.

For more info:

Also make sure and watch out for Mickey's bi-monthly column on as well. This month he gives an introduction to Rotor, the shared-source implementation of .NET for Windows and FreeBSD.

TOOLS USA: Last Call For Papers!

The final day to submit papers for the TOOLS USA is fast approaching. Got an idea? It needs to be received by April 15.

Please email your submission to:

.NET News

In its continued efforts to expand its .NET training, .NET Experts announces two new courses:

Web Platform of the Future: the Clash of Titans

The battle-lines are drawn for the critical fight to control the Web development platform of the future. On one side, the Java camp is furbishing its well-established tools. On the other, Microsoft .NET provides a comprehensive array of new solutions. This session explores the competitors involved, describes the strategic components of their technologies, accesses their strengths, and analyzes the Clash of Titans whose outcome will determine the IT industry for the decades to come.

Multi-language programming with .NET

Perhaps the most innovative aspect of Microsoft's .NET framework, whose basic specification is now an international standard, is its support for accommodating software systems and libraries taking advantage of many different programming languages. The level of interoperability between supported languages, both from Microsoft and from third parties, is unprecedented in the industry. The Microsoft .NET environment provides a new model of component-based development, taking advantage of object technology concepts and making it possible to turn ordinary program elements into full software components at essentially no extra effort. The approach relies on novel concepts such as metadata and custom attributes. It also innovates in the degree to which it frees the component model from dependencies on implementation languages, providing a level of language interoperability unheard of in previous approaches.

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